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    Website development

    Website Development Cost $300

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    Website promotion

    The cost of Organic SEO website promotion is 300 USD/month. Search Google Ads is $100 Setting up a Facebook/Instagram account is $100.

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    Creation of a logo – $100; corporate identity; banners for social networks – from $15; label design – from $20, outdoor advertising – from $30.

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    Site hosting

    Hosting, domain – from $60/year.


        “We know how to increase your sales. Creating websites, setting up Google Ads, SEO promotion. Web studio My-Seo will help you to solve these problems. We will make every effort so that in a short period of time a huge number of people will know about you and your services, and your site will be in the first positions in Google search engines. Our web studio provides services for the development of design, corporate identity and logo of your site, the creation, administration and promotion of the site. We set up and maintain contextual advertising (Google Ads), SMM, place the site on Google Map, fill, maintain the site, write interesting and unique articles. Our clients are people, private entrepreneurs, companies, organizations from various fields of activity: plumbers, travel agencies, online stores, training centers, service stations, recreation centers, hotels, service centers, hospitals. We are always happy to help promote your business!”

 Sincerely, Viktoria Zubchenko, founder of the My-Seo web studio.

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    Hello! My name is Viktoria, I am an SEO specialist, contextual advertising specialist, copywriter, director of the web studio My-Seo. Graduated from KhSU, faculty of foreign philology, as well as SEO courses. For consultation Viber/WhatsUpp +38 066 177 03 68.



Web design

  • Site design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Website redesign
  • Website banner
  • Site design adaptation
  • Website icon design

Website development

  • Landing page
  • Corporate website
  • Website-Catalog
  • Site-Business card
  • Informational portal
  • Online store

Website promotion

  • SEO website promotion in Google
  • Setting up Google Ads
  • Maintaining Google Ads
  • Designing an Instagram profile, setting up ads
  • Site administration


  • Logo development
  • Creating a corporate identity
  • Advertising/print design
  • Outdoor advertising design



  • Text content of the site
  • Writing news/articles
  • Text rewriting

Website hosting

  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • Technical support

Service cost

web studio My-Seo
Site creation from $300
Website promotion from $300 per month
Setting up Google Ads $100
Setting up a Facebook/Instagram account $100
Creation of a logo  $100
Creating a banner for a social network from $15
Label design from $20
Outdoor advertising design from $30

Who creates and promotes sites?

Web Studio My-SEO

We develop and promote websites in Europe. You can order the design of a web page from scratch and its effective promotion in our web studio My-Seo. When concluding a deal, you can not doubt for a second that we will qualitatively fulfill the tasks assigned to us.

Our company offers the development, creation and promotion of sites of any level of complexity, including online stores, landing pages (landing pages, landing pages), promotional pages, thematic or infotainment forums, web business cards, corporate websites and full-fledged corporate web-sites. resources. At the first request of the client, we provide a report on the work done and further developments. Do you want to be convinced of the impeccability of our reputation and the demand for the company? Go to the “Portfolio” section, which presents more than 500 successfully completed, launched sites, and which are on the first page of the Google search engine.

Site technical support

Cooperation with our IT company My-Seo has another bonus: we, as experienced specialists and professionals, offer high-quality support and effective technical support for your site. When ordering website development and implementation in the Google search engine, you get a reliable partner who is ready to help at any time convenient for you.

Requirements for the contractor for the development and creation of sites

Development, implementation in the search engine and promotion of the site should be carried out only by specialists. When choosing a company, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • the presence of a personal web-resource, which contains all the information about the activities of the company, the services provided and prices;
  • priority of offered services;
  • the number of employees, their level of professionalism and the availability of experienced performers working with modern resources, technologies and web development;
  • portfolio of created and successfully implemented projects;
  • feedback from customers and competitors;
  • time frame for the development, manufacture, launch and promotion of projects;
  • the possibility of further maintenance and support of the web page;
  • proposed rates: the cost of creating a site, promoting (promotion) of a site, the price of creating a logo, etc.

Development, creation, successful launch and promotion of websites at a professional level

The successful activity of the My-Seo web studio in Kherson is evidenced by the number of clients and positive reviews. You can read customer reviews and competitors’ opinions in the “Customer Reviews” section, and there are also reviews on Google Map about the My-Seo web studio.

Advantages of ordering the creation and promotion of a site from the My-Seo web studio:

  • many years of successful experience in the IT field;
  • compliance with all applicable international standards;
  • individual project for each client (order);
  • control by the customer of each stage of the service;
  • promotion and bringing the finished project to leadership positions in the Google search engine;
  • further technical and consulting support for the client;
  • correction of errors in the work of the project, which could be caused by incorrect actions or commands by employees of the customer company;
  • fixing bugs in the design and development of a web resource by other developers;
    guarantee of high-quality fulfillment of the obligations assumed;
  • loyal prices for the provided IT services.
    Cooperation with a web studio My-Seo with a potential client begins with an audit. At the initial stage of acquaintance, we find out the main goals, objectives and priorities of the future web project, its target audience and plans for further promotion / development.

Creating a web studio My-Seo

The history of the My-Seo web studio began in Kherson in 2014. During that period, the interest and popularity of web pages was relatively small. There were small orders. But we didn’t waste time. For several years we have been engaged in self-development and detailing of existing and emerging web technologies. Working on enthusiasm alone and contributing to my own development proved to be fruitful. Now we can offer the customer a high-quality and effective product.

Today, the My-Seo web studio has a wide geography. Our strong and close-knit team of professionals is known among the best IT specialists in Kherson, Odessa, Kyiv, Mukachevo and other cities of Ukraine, as well as in Germany. Our developers, programmers boldly take on the creation of sites of any configuration level, web designers guarantee a unique and catchy project, testers exclude the possibility of bugs. Programmers, web designers, testers, copywriters, seo-specialists, photographers and translators work as a single link. Thanks to common efforts, high-quality projects are created. Content filling and site promotion work flawlessly. However, you can judge the results of our work by the feedback from customers.

Our clients are state institutions and entrepreneurs, travel companies, children’s camps, plumbers, service stations, training centers, private schools, factories, various companies and agencies, sanatoriums, hotels from Kherson, Odessa, Skadovsk, Nikolaev, Kyiv, Mukachevo, Dnipro, Kharkov, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine. At the same time, cooperation with each client is of an exclusively isolated nature. The creation, implementation and launch of Internet projects are unique, as they provide for the analysis and detailed study of the scope of each individual customer.

  • The advantages of the My-Seo web studio include:
  • cohesive work of a team of like-minded people;
  • many years of experience in implementing various IT projects;
  • individual approach to each order;
  • extensive geography of activity;
  • focus on long-term partnership;
  • compliance with the agreed deadlines for the implementation of work and delivery of projects;
  • creativity of thinking and a high level of self-development of employees;
  • knowledge of technical English at a high level;
  • application in practice of various innovative IT-techniques, techniques and methods;
    affordable prices.

My-Seo web studio clients are offered:

  1. Full package of services for web-development and creation of a website project. Registration of a domain name and hosting, as well as high-quality content and effective promotion of a web resource in the Google search engine.ё
  2. A high-quality web-resource with an administrative panel that is easy to manage. Even users who do not know the programming language can deal with the admin panel.
    Successful promotion of a web project in Google. At the same time, the client has the possibility of significant savings on the promotion and further development of the site, the issue of SEO optimization can be solved on their own.
  3. Setting up and maintaining contextual advertising Google Ads.
    Professional approach, consulting assistance and recommendations of first-class specialists. Proposals for the development and optimization of a web resource from professionals will help you avoid various mistakes and blunders when working and managing a project.
  4. High-quality technical support by leading specialists who have extensive experience in this field.

Requirements for Internet projects are constantly changing. There is an annual increase in the popularity of advertising on the World Wide Web. Therefore, the successful operation of a company or enterprise depends on the functionality and features of its own web platform. But you do not need to worry and be nervous. The web studio My-Seo keeps a finger on the pulse. Our specialists keep track of all innovations and updates of requirements. You can be sure that the Internet resource developed and created by our employees will be as successful as possible.

Just starting a business? Planning to redesign an existing website? Thinking about changing the direction of the company and, accordingly, you need to restart the site? You can safely entrust all this to us! In addition, the My-Seo web studio offers high-quality and effective website maintenance at the lowest rate. As your profit increases, you will have the opportunity to upgrade and improve your online resource. Do not miss the chance to bring your site to the first positions of search engines!

The service “Website development and promotion from scratch” will be very useful for novice entrepreneurs who are just trying to break through among shark businesses.

My-Seo web studio will help you become a successful and recognizable company! Our developers and designers will create the most useful and interesting web resource.

The modern IT market is rapidly expanding its horizons. According to research agencies of Ukraine, one of the most popular areas is the design, development and promotion of websites. Thought out to the smallest detail and well-designed web-pages have a positive effect on the activity and development of any business. As evidenced by the numerous responses spent on web development, the launch and promotion of sites pays off quickly. In fact, such an investment is a significant investment in the future.

Choosing the right web studio is a guarantee of website success in the future

What are web pages for? Who is involved in their creation, development and promotion on the World Wide Web? If you enter such a query into a search engine, the system will display more than a hundred offers from various companies. How to deal with the offers issued by the search engine? Whom to entrust the design and promotion of the site? Can one or another agency or web-studio be entrusted with the creation of such an important project for an entrepreneur, company or organization?

Announcements about the creation of sites, their introduction to the market and further promotion are countless. Also, a lot of offers come from SEO companies offering maintenance and content of web pages. When studying the options issued by the search engine, many pay attention to the price range. However, the high cost does not always indicate the quality of the services offered by the company. At the same time, a low price, in turn, cannot be an indicator of a poor result.

Whom to entrust the creation and development of the site?
When choosing a contractor, you can not focus only on the cost of the site, its promotion. It is necessary to pay attention to more important aspects, on which, in fact, the effectiveness of the web page will depend. For example, important selection criteria include the status and duration of the contractor’s activity in the IT services market, customer reviews. It is better to spend time studying the reputation and reviews of a particular company than later regret wasted funds and the low effectiveness of the resulting product. Professionals perform their work with high quality and bear full responsibility for it!

Don’t put off the success of your company until tomorrow! Take the first step today – call us on 066 177 03 68!