Order site maintenance

Site maintenance

Maintaining, filling the site, the cost of site administration

In order for people to be interested in your site, visit it, they need to be attracted with useful information, banners, new arrivals, promotions, discounts, videos, etc. The more unique and interesting information will be on your site, the more new visitors and customers you will have, the less competitors you will have. Site administration, site maintenance is the placement of seo-optimized unique articles, news, texts, banners, promotions, discounts, changing information on the main page, product descriptions.

The cost of site administration (posting news, articles, comments, promotions, discounts, etc.): 70$

Additional services:

The cost of adding a product (with a ready-made description and picture): from $1/product

The cost of writing a unique text for the product: from $2

Cost of writing an article/news: $20/2500 characters

Creating a banner for the site: from $10 (depends on size)

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