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Google Ads contextual advertising

If you have a new site, and you want to quickly find yourself in the first positions in Google, declare yourself, talk about a promotion, discount, new product, start selling your product or service today, then Google Ads advertising is just for you. Contextual advertising is text ads located on the first positions of the Google search engine for key queries, as well as on Google Map. Display network, remarketing (not included in the price) – this is when your ad with a photo and logo appears on sites of your subject, or on any other sites. Also, such an ad can be shown to people who have already visited your site. This ad, as it were, reminds a person of what he was looking for, is on your site.

You are getting:

  • a fully configured account, you just have to replenish the advertising budget;
  • telephone consultations on all issues of the context (1 week free of charge);
  • first places in Google within a couple of hours after setting up for more than 2000 queries;

The cost of setting up contextual advertising

The cost of setting up contextual advertising of Google Ads search advertising for your website, page in the social network: $100

Conducting contextual advertising (at the request of the customer): $ 50 per month.

Payment to Google for contextual ads is made per click, a click can cost from $1 to $20, it all depends on the subject of the site.

Contextual display network (CMS), remarketing: $50

Completion time: 3 days.

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