Setting up Google Ads Display Network

Set up Google Ads Display Network for plumber

The Google Display Network (GDN) is more than 2 million sites and mobile applications (including YouTube and Gmail) that serve as a platform for placing contextual advertising.

According to Google’s own statistics, the GCM covers about 90% of the Internet audience. Each site included in the GCM is checked for compliance with the conditions of participation.

Google claims that thanks to these rules, there are no resources on the Display Network that host low-quality content or are created solely for the purpose of publishing ads.

Advertising display radius: Kherson, Antonovka, Chernobaevka, Oleshki, Kamyshany, Stepanovka.

Setting year: 2020

Cost: $50.

Lead time: 1 day.

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Using contextual display advertising in campaigns allows you to:

Increase brand awareness

  • Bright visual images used in contextual display advertising are remembered much better than the naked text of search ads.

Attract new customers

Search Network audiences only see ads when they are looking for something specific. Display ads are ahead of the customer’s desires. They offer products and services that may be of interest to the user, but which he did not know about before.

Return the audience to the site

Remarketing technology allows you to remind the user about the resource to which he once showed interest, as well as return a doubting client to the site.