Creation and promotion of the Printer service center website

Printer field service for refilling cartridges and repairing printers. The logo of the company, the design of business cards, signboards for the office facade was developed. Website promotion in the Google search engine. The site appeared on 1 page in Google after 2 months. Setting up contextual advertising, placement on a Google map (included in the cost of promotion). Setting up the display network, remarketing.

The purpose of the project: creation and promotion of the site

Site creation year: 2018

Site Type: Business

Website address:

Order the creation and promotion of the site

Cost of work performed

Site creation

  • Website development cost – € 300
  • The cost of creating a logo – €100
  • The cost of business card design – €20
  • The cost of a sign on the facade of the office – €40

Site content

  • The cost of writing articles is 10$/1
  • The cost of writing news is 10$/1
  • The cost of adding goods – 3$ /1

Website promotion

  • The price of complex website promotion is 300$/month
  • Promotion of the site to the first position in the Google search engine in 2 months!
  • Setting up Google Ads — $100
  • Maintenance of Google Ads — $50/month
  • Placement on Google Maps is included in the cost of website promotion